Our Story

Non GMO Forester Farmer’s Market™ is butcher-shop quality chicken–a healthy, wholesome chicken that is rare in today’s marketplace. Our nutritious, hometown quality will take you back to a time when chicken was chicken.

Most chickens today just aren’t what they were in Forester, Arkansas. Forester was a small mill-town nestled in the hills of western Arkansas that sprang to life in ‘31 when the Mill opened. Dad grew up there during the Great Depression and World War II.

Back then, you or your neighbors grew most of the food you ate. When Ma, my grandmother, fixed chicken she used birds she raised out back. She would also trade some of those chickens to the neighbors for vegetables they had canned the previous summer. This was Forester’s version of a Farmer’s Market—neighbors helping neighbors. In ‘53 the Mill closed and the families moved away, but the legacy of one family helping another remained.

We developed our product with these simpler times in mind. Ma didn’t give chickens antibiotics or hormones and neither do we. She didn’t feed them animal by-products or Genetically Modified Grains† and neither do we. And like Ma, when we “debone” a chicken we do it by hand, not by machine.

My goal is to provide your family the same quality chicken that Ma cooked for Dad. Treat your family to chicken that’s chicken.

Dr. Ed Fryar, Founder

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